Boston MXP Meeting

This is MAI's official notice for the Boston MXP Meeting on Friday:

        The Boston MXP Meeting will be held in Boston City Hall this
coming Friday, March 14th, at 2pm. We must receive your reply for
you to gain entrance. Please let us know the number of people you
wish to bring, as well as their names. We look forward to seeing you
there and to your participation in the Boston MXP.
Please RSVP to

The meeting will take place in the MIS Conference Room (room 200)
in City Hall. City of Boston CIO (Chief Information Officer) Michael
Hernon will attend. Lunch will be provided.

For more information on the Boston MXP, see:

To join the Boston-MAX list, please email
with subscribe in the body.

        More good news for the Boston MXP!

In the foreseeable future, the Boylston St. collocation will be bridged to
a collocation facility in 1 City Hall Plaza to provide additional rack
space for all MXP members.

Please send all questions/flames to! Thank you.
Now returning you to your regularly scheduled brangles...

Sarah Garfinkel
Network Support Specialist
MAI Network Services -