Bogus announcement of by AGIS - CLEARED

I *DID* open a trouble ticket BEFORE posting.

There are no trouble tickets in our ticket system opened by either
yourself, any of your employees, or any of your downstream customers
for the past few days. In fact, there were very few tickets opened at

Do you have a ticket number?

If you are THIS disconnected from what goes on in your own company, perhaps
we need a new upstream provider.

Actually, you know that I'm not disconnected from what goes on in this
organization. I see every ticket that is opened, worked on, and
closed, which is why when I read about your situations on the Nanog
mailing list rather than our internal email system I get concerned that
something is amiss, and check out the ticket system myself.


That's ok Darin.

Copies of the email from your NOC people who were working the issue, and
ultimately resolved the issue, will be attached to our cancellation - since
you persist in calling me a liar in public.

If you wish to discuss this put your *President* on the line with me Monday
morning by 10:00 AM.