Bogus announcement of by AGIS - CLEARED

Well, well, well, isn't NANOG grand.

Looks to me like the public exposure and calls to our upstreams asking them
to drop AS4200 routes on the floor got rather quick results.

Current status of

Loop-Core1.Mcs.Net>show ip bgp
BGP routing table entry for, version 58913
Paths: (3 available, best #1)
Advertisements of this net are suppressed by an aggregate.
      Origin incomplete, metric 0, weight 32768, valid, sourced, best
  5696 4200 (history entry) from (
      Origin IGP, external
      Dampinfo: penalty 891, flapped 1 times in 00:02:36
  5646 1239 4200 (history entry) from (
      Origin IGP, external
      Community: 370016922
      Dampinfo: penalty 902, flapped 1 times in 00:02:19

Thank you Nap.Net, GoodNet and NANOG.

Karl -

GoodNet dropping peering with Agis would not be the solution for this

In any case, your example above would require Nap.Net to ask Sprint to
drop peering with Agis...

Please, in the future, open a trouble ticket with our NOC via email or
voice phone call so we can work on this issues.

We don't puruse the Nanog mailing list continuosly for incoming trouble
reports from our customers.



I *DID* open a trouble ticket BEFORE posting.

If you are THIS disconnected from what goes on in your own company, perhaps
we need a new upstream provider.