Bogon announcement list

Hi, NANOGers.

At the behest of several requestors, we have created a new, one-way list
solely for the announcement of new IP prefix allocations to the sundry
RIRs. The posts will include the allocated prefix, allocation date, the
RIR(s) involved, and pointers to the documents we (Steve Gill, Barry
Greene, and Rob Thomas) update when such allocations are made. These
announcements will be made as we detect such allocations.

The list is moderated by Steve Gill, Barry Greene, Jared Mauch, and
Rob Thomas. It is open to anyone who wishes to subscribe. Aliases are
welcome to subscribe.

To subscribe to the list, please visit the following URL:

A mini-FAQ:

1. Why form yet another list? I already receive enough e-mail.

   We share your pain. :slight_smile: Such a list will help some folks
   to automagically process, filter, or file such

2. How do you know about new allocations from IANA to the RIRs?

   We have a cronjob that diffs the list on a daily basis.

3. How soon after the allocation is made will you announce it?

   In some cases our release will be coordinated with the RIR.
   In other cases it will be made as soon as we detect it.
   In all cases it will be made as quickly as possible.

   Please note that all of the monitoring and templates will
   be updated as soon as the allocation is detected.

4. What sort of message volume can I expect on the list?

   Messages will only be posted to the list when new
   allocations are made.

5. Does this mean you won't send these updates to several other

   No. We will continue to send e-mail to a variety of lists
   when allocations are made.

6. Sheesh, where do you find the time for such things? Have
   you no social life?

   Nope, none at all. :slight_smile:

Steve, Barry, Jared, Rob,
your bogon-announce list administrators.