Bob Metcalfe: Infoworld Sept 23 page 46 Which young brat?

> In his excellent article in the Info world which I received today, he
> referred to a young ISP brat.
> Who's he referring to?

He appears to be talking about me.
I sent him e-mail explaining that I was mis-quoted.
What I *said* was "Some say that Metcalfe ...".
What was printed was something like "Freedman says that Metcalfe ...".

Though, given the gigacollapse predictions which he made - combined
with the fact that it's extraordinarily difficult to believe that
he actually *believed* them - the quote might have started "Metcalfe has
become a journalist, more interested in gaining readership than in
using his formidable experience to help with the operational and
architectural problems that the Internet community is facing..." if I had
been asked for a quote about Metcalfe. Which I wasn't...

Didn't the print version give the URL of thie document containing this:

Avi sums it up: "Metcalfe has become an elder statesman and

... to read the rest go to

Michael Dillon - ISP & Internet Consulting

Anyway: wow, I can't believe it.

I might have surpassed Sean Doran as the official Brat-boy of the ISP/
NSP community.

Maybe I'll get Sean to pen my letter to the editor in reply to his brat