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somhow, this esacped into a private thread. i'm pretty
  sure that there is a fairly high thermal component to this
  thread and not too many photons... so this is it for me
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> > You start with a flawed assumption, you end up with wrong conclusions.
> > Who said this had anything to do with "the Internet"?
> well... the press? the telco marketing droids??

It seems to be the press and the Google lobbyist droids trying to stir
things up that use the "Internet" word the most. A problem is some
reporters think anything that uses IP (Internet Protocol) means the
same thing as "the Internet."

  that is common... in part 'cause you can't ever tell if its
  -not- part of the Internet. (I note the subject line of this
  thread talks about a two-tier Internet... which we are both
  actively responding to... :slight_smile: If its not Internet, then lets
  call it what you claim it is, private virtual pipes, some of
  which touch the commodity Internet and some which run a private,
  IP-based network for Telcos use only. Right there next to the
  dedicated copper, lambdas, and glass that they lease to others.

Most, but not all, of the telco droids have tried to stay on message,
that this is about bringing more competition to video. It is not the
Internet, it is not cable TV, it is IPTV. But when people expand the
acronym IPTV, it seems to come out as Internet video. Much like VOIP
seems to turn into Voice over the Internet, even though a lot of VOIP
uses private networks.

  -IF- we can be assured that the telco/ folks -REALLY- will keep
                               (or cable co)
  parts of thier network fabric isolated and disconnected from
  the Internet, and have the ability for random, third-party
  inspection that these closed, private networks that use IP
  -STAY- that way, then sure.

> they should not call it "the Internet" then should they? :slight_smile:
Maybe it would have helped if the technologists had chosen less similar
names for the network ("Internet") and the networking protocal ("IP").
There are lots of networks using IP which are not the Internet.

  again, its nearly impossible to tell when/if an IP network is
  or is not part of what might be part of the Internet. Mobil
  nodes are common and mobil networks are becoming so. Virtually
  every (save two) IP based network that I have touched in the
  last 25 years has at one point or another touched other IP based
  networks... thus becoming part of the Internet... as seen by others.
  That said, there are many IPbased networks which rarely touch
  what most think of as the Internet. I've come to the conclusion
  that the commodity or commercial services Internet is a small subset
  of the larger Internet. as usual, YMMV.

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