Bitcoin mining reward halved

At about 16:46 UTC block 420001 showed up on the Bitcoin blockchain,
so the mining reward per block dropped from 25 to 12.5 btc.

Depending on whom you believe, nothing will change, or most of the
miners will go offline, or something else. My blockchain client saw
420002 was over 25 minutes after 420001 ago, and over 10,000 waiting
transactions, so perhaps the second theory is correct.

Anyone here tracking bitcoin P2P traffic?


This is pretty O/T for this list, isn't it?


This is pretty O/T for this list, isn't it?

not if he's using his routers ASICs to do it! :wink:
(or maybe its related to the bitcoin network traffic volumes...but
thats too logical...)



Blockchain-based replacement for RPKI involving encoding of
IP address registry registrations assigned to a Network operator's
specified Org ID wallet, And LOAs for propagating the announcement
of a prefix by using Colored coins automatically distributed to a
specified ASN by
BGP daemon on your routers?


you are on to something... something fantastic.

How'd namecoin work out? .bit taking over the internet?


Ok. +1.