Bit-dumping [Was: Re: Peering Policy]

I sure hope I know who we are peered with.. then again.. that's what
my as object at the radb is for.

The issue was rather that, you have direct peers, in which ideally a filter
could be setup very easily to match that neighbor statement. With ra
peerings, you have no neighbor statement to the ips.. a different way
of doing it would be necessary, out-of-sync filters of mac addresses would
need to be setup.. more complex.

By doing so, someone else brought up the point that any transit that was
not including a next-hop-self wouldn't go through.. good. Pretty
ridiculous that certain providers of IXP transit charge x dollars a month
for doing nothing but passing routes, NOT passing traffic. Force them to
at least take the traffic into their router. It would also alleviate
level 2 issues with providers doing that.. they already need to do it
at pbnap and aads.