Binge On! - get your umbrellas out, stuff's hitting the fan. [Comcast meter Q]

On 1/9/16, 12:04 PM, "NANOG on behalf of Robert Webb"

Unfortunately, providers like Comcast, yes, I know they aren't wireless,
but their usage meter is a joke and a proprietary based joke at that. I
do not think I have ever seen anyone from Comcast willing to describe
exactly how their meter works and what is and is not counted towards
usage. I am not a wireless expert, but my guess is that it would be even
more difficult to accurately track usage on wireless given the portable

Since my day job is at Comcast and part of that job is ensuring that the
usage meter is technically accurate I figured I would chime in. A few bits
of information that may be helpful follow below. **I am happy to answer
any questions you or others have.** And I have also copied our independent
auditor should there be questions for his firm.

1 - Comcast does byte counting via the IPDR standard (IP Detail Records).
I would think any other DOCSIS-based network that performs byte counting
would also use IPDR (and all the ones of which I am aware do so). You can
find some more information about the IPDR specification here:

2 - Comcast first made mention of the use of IPDR in a 2008 FCC filing, as
part of a deployment of a protocol-agnostic congestion management system.
See these documents:

3 - Comcast engaged a 3rd party auditor called NetForecast
( to regularly, independently audit the
accuracy of our usage meter. We usually announce those audits on our
Network Management page (ex:
-2015-comcast-usage-meter-accuracy-report) and NetForecast publishes these
reports on their website. See the following documents:
- First accuracy report, 2009:
- Second accuracy report, 2010:
- Third accuracy report, 2014:
- Fourth accuracy report, 2015:
- ISP best practice report:

4 - In terms of what is counted, all Internet traffic is counted (what is
now known as Title-II traffic). Title-VI video traffic and Xfinity Voice
traffic, which may use the IP protocol but are not Internet services, are
not counted.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend,