BigISP<-->SmallISP peerings

Yes, but then from the point of view of large ISP the peering is of zero
value. You see, it has to deliver packets to IXP anyway. OTOH, the
load on routers, bloated configurations and engineering resources to
support the additional peering are quite real.


I am trying to feel sorry for the poor burdened Large ISP.....:slight_smile:

If it was just a matter of money, I would expect the large ISPs could add
to their revenue streams by offering peering at a price to those networks
they would otherwise not peer with. We have all heard that they are
deluged by requests, right? Maybe there are not enoungh networks
interested in such a service to make it worthwhile. Wait a
minute here, I thought they were overwelmed by requests....

Personally I question this idea of being deluged, after all there are only
a small number of networks at MAE-East which I believe has more IPs than
any other connection point. And the big guys *are* peered with many of
the networks connected there, so there are only a dozen or so left to
peer with. Maybe there is some kind of new math working here.

And BTW, I have not found a single large ISP willing to sell bi-lateral
peering to me and I *have* asked for price quotes on this.

Best Regards,
Robert Laughlin