Bgpmon alternative

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What are the best alternatives to BGPmon these days?

Goal is to try to monitor bgp routing changes for specific prefixes.


ThousandEyes is what we switched to when BGPmon went away.


I recommend taking a look at

It offers a great blend of BGP and RPKI ROA monitoring

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BGPlay isn't so bad. Alerting could be worked in they're somewhere but the explicit use case you need it for is somewhat vague ATM. As in "I have this scenario X that I am trying to get Y & Z information about.

For the security/hijacking side (though it can be used in creative ways for other operational data) check out ARTEMIS.

Nick Buraglio and I recorded a podcast with Vasileios (a main person behind ARTEMIS) that gives (in my incredibly biased view) a good overview of the ARTEMIS tool.

Hi, you can check radar by qrator



I recommend taking a look at

i love it. thanks massimo.


One problem, I have at least, is that all of the ‘service I can pay for/signup for’ have odd scaling problems on pricing :frowning: and on top of that are extra noisy :frowning: and don’t tell me how they make any particular judgement :frowning:

So, they are all, effectively, a loud blackbox that’s very expensive :frowning:

Having a solution I can both run myself and hack on to make work to my liking would be quite nice.
(like bgpalerter)

I second this recommendation, I use BGPalerter for all of my BGP announcement and RPKI monitoring. It is a great application to have added to any Network Operator’s toolkit.


BGPAlerter is great and integrates with everything I need (Slack , Email , etc) . I also think is a great tool I wanted to look also .