BGP4 peering wiht Sprint, and MCI

Hey, Nathan, try using static routes, then exporting them to BGP:

static { masklen 24 gateway <gwaddr>; masklen 19 gateway <gwaddr>; masklen 18 gateway <gwaddr>;

export proto bgp as <asnum> {
# connected networks, if necessary
        proto direct {
                metric <whatever>; };
# statics, you may want to do less than all, see gated docs :wink:
        proto static {
                metric <whatever>; };

We have a 486 DX4 100 with 40 megs of ram running FreeBSD and gated with a
T1 to Sprint and a T1 to MCI. I have a few questions that someone may be
able to answer.

If my Sprint T1 goes down, how long will it take for route to drop out of
the routing table?

Should be pretty quick.

I have peering going with sprint and MCI and I have about 31,000 routes
in my routing table. When I called up sprint and MCI they said they were
not getting routes form me. How do I advertize my CIDR blocks to sprint
and mci via BGP4?

I have:

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