BGP vs. static routing (Re: Why Vadim likes statics)


During the Development of the IDRP specification, there we discussion
about how to automatically generate from the IGP information, the
information necessary to send in BGP/IDRP. Have you read the paper
by Yakov, Dave Oran, and myself on this? It was written a while
ago. I can send you a copy.

The single core corporate, with single homed may be currently
a winner - due to security and ease of access. However, it may
be that the future, will require more redundancy for certain
businesses who use the Internet to sell services.

At that point multi-homed corporate networks may grow out
of the 5%. The multi-homed network prefixes, could be generated
form IGP information.

Please don't take this as a should, but a thoughtful response
on what "might" be.

Best wishes,

Sue Hares