BGP to doom us all

> Uhhhh.... it's nice to be able to change routing information in a
> timely fashion without needing intensive therapy afterward. The
> idea isn't inherently bad, but I'd not want the current ARIN
> acting as a route registry.

How would you feel about ARIN being the root of a registry hierarchy that
works similar to the DNS? In that case, ARIN would not necessarily hold
the route information, they would just be at the top of the search
hierarchy just like the root name servers are at the top of the DNS
hierarchy. ARIN would authoritatively identify the leaseholder of an
address block and give you a pointer to that leaseholder's LDAP server
where you could query for whatever info they have available. This could
include route registry info.
--Michael Dillon

  I don't know that the other RIRs would be willing to promote ARIN
  to the position once held by the IANA as the arbitor of all IP
  address space. That said, why replicate the DNS?