BGP / Requirements, etc.


  We're a "regional" ISP in Cleveland and Akron, OH, and are in the process
of adding 2x10Mb links out. The new uplink wants to peer between us and
our current backbone, running BGP.

  Our current backbone told me that it would be difficult to get full BGP
running on our router: a Cisco 7010. RAM is not a problem, we can bump it
up to 64M in a moment's notice.

No problem. W/ 64mb you will have NO trouble speaking BGP and taking two
full views on a 7010. You can have well over 20 BGP sessions pumping full
routes without affecting the switching performance (esp. with an SSP).

Filtering and IP tunneling and traffic shaping all take honking routers,
and the 7010 might not have enough cpu for really complicated filtering on
at high speed...

  Has anyone had problems running full routes on 7010s? Caveats? Things to
look out for?


  Also, one newbie-type question, our current backbone said that they "may not"
pass traffic routed via backbone #2. If I am running full BGP between both
backbones, what would the technical limitations be of passing traffic between
all three sites (Backbone A, Me, and Backbone B)?

As long as they don't change their ASN, you just use AS-PATH filters.

  Any BGP gods out there for hire on a consultant basis? :slight_smile:



All the ones I know of tend to be busy.
This would be a good pointer for a Multihoming FAQ (interested consultants).