BGP Peering Info

I am trying to find out if any upstream providers that offer BGP to
downstream providers, use any type of "form" ? I am curious as to what
type of questions are asked. For example; full route or partial route
(if partial, how many), do they offer route reflectors, confederations,
multi-homing, or route filters?? If anyone knows of an upstream provider

that offers BGP peering and has a form that I could look over, I would
greatly appreciate that. Thanx

Here are a couple.

Cable & Wireless USA


:Here are a couple.
:Cable & Wireless USA

Ideally you could register your routes in the RAdb
and ask your provider to pull the routes and
accompanying policy from there if they want
your business.

Updates can be authenticated and my understanding
is that the new prtools support reverse masks and
other spiffy features.

Cable & Wireless USA

Interesting statement #1:
    What routes do you want to hear from us?
         Backbone Routes (2 routes)
         Customer Routes (approximately 11,500 routes)
         Full Routes (approximately 35,000 routes)


Interesting statement #2:
          Option Number of Routes CPU/Mem. Requirement
          No Routes 1 (default) 2501/3000 or equivalent
          Partial Routes 20,000 2501/3000 or equivalent with 16+meg memory
          Full Routes 45,000 4000 or equivalent with 64+meg of memory

  I'm not trying to point out an error, although they should
be updated. It's just amazing how quickly things get out of date
and don't get updated.

You can say that again. I tried taking partial routes from Sprint with a
3640 with 32MB. Crash! They are providing 60K routes on a partial view these
days. I just bit the bullet and paid for 128MB for all my BGP speaking

- Dan Golding