BGP/OSPF configurations

This is a little off the topic, but it still applies. As such, feel free to
respond to me personally on this.

I am working on some research for one of my university classes on TCP/IP.
Later in the semester we will be discussing OSPF and BGP4. I am editing my
teachers notes on the subject because I have more experience with them
practically than does he. I have only run them in my own
organization/configuration, and because of that, my knowledge is a little
limited. I would very much like to know different configurations that are
currently being used with both of these protocols, so that I might be able
to add valuable "industry tested" information to his lecture notes. (Zebra,
gated, cisco, nortel.... etc. info welcome).

If any of you are using either of these protocols, and would not mind
sending me information on it, I would be very thankful.

Info that I am looking for...
    Use of loopback interfaces
    eBGP vs iBGP
    # of upstream peers (non local-as peers)

    Area configuration
    Virtual Links
    # of ABR
    # of ASBR

stuff like that..

Thanks again for any help that can be given. I, my fellow students, and my
teacher thank you.

Patrick Felt
Sr. Software Eng./Network Eng.
Quintam Corporation
(Senior at Utah Valley State College, Orem Utah)