I've posted an Internet Draft intended to help clarify some confusing
alternatives that CID students often ask. Discussions on the NANOG mailing
list, as well as my student questions, suggested to me there might be a
need for a tutorial at a different level of abstraction than the specific
technique discussions that are available.

It's not intended to show how, for example, to do BGP multihoming. It's
intended to help someone, especially an end user organization, decide what
the problem is they are trying to solve. Once they know that, the next
step will be selecting DNS-based methods, and/or routing-based methods
using BGP or IGPs. Comments very welcome, especially in the DNS area.

My plan is to submit this to the IDR WG at the IETF in December, but it's
an individual contribution at this point.

                  To Be Multihomed: Requirements & Definitions

You can FTP or HTTP it from:

2. Abstract

As organizations find their Internet connectivity increasingly critical
to their mission, they seek ways of making that connectivity more
robust. The term ''multi-homing'' often is used to describe means of
fault-tolerant connection. Unfortunately, this term covers a variety of
mechanisms, including naming/directory services, routing, and physical
connectivity. This memorandum presents a systematic way to define the
requirement for resilience, and a taxonomy for describing mechanisms to
achieve it. Multiple mechanisms may be appropriate for specific
situations, including DNS, BGP, etc.