BGP (hijack) prefix monitoring

Hi All,

Given the recent interest in prefix monitoring (hijack) systems I decided to make my monitoring system publicly accessible for those who would like to use it.
The original software was written over the course of 1.5 years, mainly for private use to monitor the stability of our prefixes. After some requests of others I've extended it to make it usable for different users and added some extra features.

It has most of the functionality that other alternatives offer, these include:
* Prefix hijack detection
* support for aspath regex checks (including auto generate regex)
* 4byte ASN support
* support for auo discovery of prefixes for a specific Origin AS (useful for bulk entries)
* Flexible email alerting system
* Historical overview of "Interesting" updates
* Support for multiple AS's per user
* BGP updates (ipv4&ipv6) from over 120 peers, (several RIPE-RIS data sources)
* Alert on "mass" withdraw of your prefix

I documented most of the features as well as some background info in a FAQ at

Anyway, for those of you who want to use it, please go ahead and try it.
You can create a personal account and add your own prefixes, or browse around using the demo account.

The url is:
Other things you will find there are the 'BGP weathermap' and some basic bogon detection.

Hope you'll find it useful.