bgp geopolitical analysis (warning: zero operational content. or so.)

> ZA has the 3rd highest prefix count at 2700.Why does South Africa have
> such a high prefix count?

I thought it might be interesting to look at the ratio of prefixes
to ASes.While some ASes may have a large number of ip allocations,
and hence a need for more prefixes to be announced, most have rather few
prefixes that need to be announced.On the other hand, as we all know,
many ASes announce far more prefixes than necessary.Here's the top few
in the list when sorted by ratio of prefixes to ASes:

country prefixes/ASes
ZA 77.22857143

Something in ZA looks skewed. Can anyone shed light as to why ZA has so
many small prefixes (even with lots of users)? Lack of CIDR? Poor
allocation methods? Clueless ISPs? Thanks, Hank

PK 38.75
IN 30.83333333
AU 27.6713615
CL 24.25
FI 22.68181818
CA 22.23012552
PR 21.66666667
EC 21.66666667
NZ 21.16129032

I've removed countries with fewer than 100 prefixes, since they have
nearly meaningless ratios.The US is in the 11 range, and ?? comes in
down around 9.


Hank Nussbacher