BGP data needed

Hi all,
I was wondering where I can find recent BGP data in the form of BGP updates+RIBs besides RouteViews and RIPE?



We don't save updates, but if you want RIBs, we've got them back to 1997.
Recent years are online at:


You can find the feeds we (myself and Nick Feamster) collect at the RON testbed at

(the two subdirs - bgpup and bgptables - should be fairly self-explanatory.)

Note that some of the data we have in there is Abilene routing data. While we have a faithful copy of it, it's nothing more than what you can get directly from Abilene. You can find information about what the feeds are at

But in general, you'll probably find things like mit_main, *-gblx, vineyard, etc. useful, and things like abilene_* less useful. Also -- the "starts" and "ends" time listed in the feeds table are only the times we've pushed into the database. There's more recent stuff in the raw data link I listed above. We also pull down routeviews updates, but obviously, you know where to get those already. :slight_smile: But if we provide a convenient one-stop-shopping place that you find useful, then - good!

One catch: We're still in the process of developing the datapository (it's an extension of our previous BGP monitor at MIT), so some things may be a bit broken. We haven't yet imported all of the historical BGP data for all of our feeds, for instance. Also, feel free to play around with the query interface, but note that (a) it's under development; (b) we're only pushing updates into the db on a delayed batch basis right now as we work on things; and (c) be gentle. :slight_smile:


p.s. -- we're still looking for a few more sites that will host combination research boxes (that do end to end measurements and act as testbed machines for application & protocol development) / BGP feed collectors. Let me know if you (in general, not just Ricardo) are interested in hosting one, and I'll send you more information about them.