BGP community values...

Dear Folks,

If you somebody knows about BGP community policy of UU net (AS701) and GTE,
please let me know.
We have some plan to connect with GTE.
So I want to make some possible Routing policy for load sharing between UU
net and GTE.
Please help me.

Did you consider asking GTE and UUnet maybe? I betcha a bag o' donuts
that they give it you.


Hyunseog Ryu/Brookfield/Norlight wrote:

Call UUNET and ask to speak with someone in their CNS department. Make
sure you ask for a Senior MultiMeg Engineer. I'm sure they will give you
that information since you are a customer.



whois -h AS702

it's UUnet/EUrope communities.

May be (I am not sure) they support the same communities in AS 701

It's common practice to describe the communities in the RIPE or RA.DB data
bases (see AS2118, or AS-DEMOS, etc...). Try it first.