BGP community guide for AS7911 (willtel, now L3)

Does anybody have a list of communities that the old AS7911 accepts from
customers? I can't find their guide anywhere and nobody at level3
seems to have it.

I really need to keep traffic from a couple of ASes away from them if
possible and prepending to them results in almost no usage. In any
case, the list is not at with the


It should go without saying, if anybody knows of a guide, or a
location to obtain the guide, please let me know and I will add it to
the site, even if it's going to be a short lived guide (from this
point on).


For those of you who are interested. Additional community
information has been posted on
. For those 7911 customers who do use, or want to use communities,
this document outlines both 7911 and 3356 communities (to ease the
transition to 3356 when the time comes).