BGP Books

It has been a couple of decades since I've done any BGP in anger,
but it looks like I will be jumping into the deep end again, soon,
and I desperately need to get up to speed again.

There seem to be a lot of good guides out there from Cisco, Juniper,
and the like, but naturally they are very product oriented. What
I'm looking for is more like the Stevens networking bibles (i.e.
"BGP Illustrated Vol I and II"). Something that covers more than
just the raw protocols, and includes things like RPKI. (The world
sure has changed since the last time I was doing this!)

Any/all suggestions welcome.




Depending on how many years since you last looked at BGP, you may be shocked at how many address families BGP now carries… it’s very Multi-Protocol now. MP-BGP

I’ll always remember how informative the Basam Halabi book was. Also the Ivan Peplnjak MPLS VPN book. Both have a couple editions. Those are oldies but goodies. More recently is MPLS in the SDN era. But it seems the SR/SPRING will be the most recent topics to study, I think that’s were BGP-LU comes in. I need to get a book and read too



my two cents.

For a general overview:
Internet Routing with BGP, van Beijnum, Iljitsch on Amazon/Kindle, 2022

For deep dive:
Troubleshooting BGP: A Practical Guide to Understanding and Troubleshooting, Cisco Press, 2016, 978-1587144646


Yes, this. Much of it (all of it?) is presented by Philip Smith, and he’s a sufficiently entertaining speaker that it’s worth watching even if you are already a bgp “expert”.

As for books — I used to buy a copy of “BGP4: Inter-Domain Routing in the Internet” by John W Stewart for all of my new hires — . It’s really short and sweet, and covers just the stuff that you need to know. It is old at this point (1998!), but still well worth the read.


If you are looking for BGP in DC (either unicast and/or VPN) we (Jeff Doyle and I) have published a significant number of podcasts on “between 0x2 nerds”(from basic BGP to EVPN to BGP security to HW) -



“between 0x2 nerds”

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