BGP and memory

Amazing fact:

Come back to this talks about BGP and memory, I calculated the size of
total BGP information in the 'show ip bgp' cisco output. No doubt, it's
not all attributes printed here, but on the other hand it's the text view,
not the binary presentation.

Results are:

118113 lines
10065161 bytes (10Mb)

100 bytes/route , in the text form, average.

Compare to

65955 network entries and 159898 paths using 12154642 bytes of memory
31322 BGP path attribute entries using 2800660 bytes of memory
14718 BGP route-map cache entries using 235488 bytes of memory
1712 BGP filter-list cache entries using 27392 bytes of memory
178 received paths for inbound soft reconfiguration
BGP activity 540738/474776 prefixes, 5007746/4847848 paths
3037709 prefixes revised.

and note - this is BINARY form...

No, if someone want to implement the core BGP in the 8 MB ram, he can do
it as well (through the cost of his work + cost of debug should be much
greater than the cost of 128RAM memory -:)).

Aleksei Roudnev, Network Operations Center, Relcom, Moscow
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