Beyond DNS...

I think you have something else messed up. That message should only come
out when you have a CNAME record that points to another CNAME. Check that
you put the trailing dot in.

There are a few different messages:

"%s has CNAME and other data (invalid)" (bind-8.1.2/src/bin/named/db_update.c)
"dangling CNAME pointer" (bind-8.1.2/src/bin/named/ns_resp.c)


Ahh. I see. According to Chris Cappuccio this has been turned off in bind
8, and is apparently non-standard behavior. We are in fact running bind
4.9.3. Sorry for the confusion.

But you can still have multiple A records, which does the failover part
that the original poster wanted.


_If_ the clients get all the addresses from the library, _and_ try
extras when the first one no longer works. I gather neither of these
behaviors can be depended on, particularly in Wintel clients.

-- jra