Better RED than Dead.

> As for me, I'm collecting interface queue lengths at LAP/MAE-LA
> off the participating routers...
> Any thoughts?

Well, I wonder how you collect queue lengths. Putting on my cisco-centric hat,
IOS doesn't let you collect "real" queue lengths used with the kind of packet
forwarding that most people use (optimum switching) -- you f9cannot even see
them with "show interface". The only user-visible way to see those is "show
controllers cxbus". You can sample
interfaces.iftable.ifentry.ifentry.ifoutdiscards and assume this gives you a
reasonable view into queue lengths (that's what I did) -- if you did something
different, I'd be curious.

Thats pretty much it. And yes, the time windows are "large", perhaps even too
large to be useful. But it is something and that is often better than nothing,
even if the values are way off from what is really wanted. The gross measurement
is better than nothing. IMHO.