Best way to deal with bad advertisements?

Nope. More and more people will peer with each other but not with the big
6 thus eventually creating a parallel universe at the core of the net

gee that sounds like a great idea - two Internets for the price of one


Not two Internets. Two Internet cores. These would be interconnected at
numerous points on the periphery of the core thus forming one single
cohesive Internet.

This is not a lot different from what you already see between Europe and
the USA. I'm just suggesting that within the USA if a provider is big
enough to operate a contintent spanning mesh and cannot get the Big 6 to
peer with them, then they should be looking at peering with others in a
similar position. Whether this happens at the same physical exchange
points as the current Big 6 peering is not terribly relevant although I
thing from an XP engineering point of view they would be better off going
to a separate set of exchanges even if they are in some of the same

As the Internet scales up, it is entirely possible that there will be
several such Internet cores in the next few years.

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