Best way to deal with bad advertisements?

Besides, most of the major providers previously based the bulk of
their peering 'requirements' on how many DS3s you had. Now most
'major' providers seem to have gone cold turkey. MCI, Sprint, and
UUNET told me they won't peer with *anyone* new.

And from my "media learnt" view of US things, I can't wait for the first
anti-trust suite :slight_smile:

But seriously, lets face it, DS3's are "cheap" and these people
want more customes no freeloaders. Like us, who are paying $5M+ a
year for a trans-atlantic DS3 and Sprint are very insistant that
we build a US network based on DS3s to peer with them, even with
the obvious fact that we have no US customers and have already paid
for a connection which in reality should be matched by the large
US carriers, rather than taking the piss once you have this
investment. I only mention Sprint, since the others you mention
are a tad more sensible, but still slow, while Sprint are in a