Best way to deal with bad advertisements?

Hi Matt,

Is there a master list of AS #'s with ROUTING contacts,
rather than the fuzzy admin type contacts that get
listed in whois? Right about now, I'm still searching
for information myself, but I'll put as much forward as
I can.

  Obviously there is the AS info at the internic, plus various
  registration entries for various networks in the various RRs.

  One thing that those of us interested (sean@dra,loco/jonh@isi,etc...)
  in inter-provider communication have asked for is a common place
  to air connectivity and routing problems. Craig Labovitz@Merit is
  doing a darned good job of making this a reality. Another thing
  we've asked for is a more real time updated contact list.

  However, having just left a company where I was the contact for
  most all routing, I don't see an easy way for my name to be swept

  So, the answer to your question is not really, but it would be
  nice if there was a more highly utilized central authority for
  such things.

  I liked what said about self regulation and all. I
  trust the political types take it to heart.