Best Practices checklists

I expect that the collected members of this list could do a good job
of defining some network security practices checklists. Now that NANOG
has been spun out as an independent entity, I would hate to see it
become just another conference organizer. In the recent past many
professions have learned how valuable a simple checklist is in
preventing errors and ensuring that work adheres to a certain

So I am suggesting that NANOG take on the task of compiling and
publishing checklists for various areas of network operations. We
could have a NANOG wiki where people can publish, and work over,
suggestions for checklist topics and content. Then at the conferences,
a BOF-style meeting could hash out the official published versions.

We could have an interesting debate on whether or not this would make
a difference and whether or not NANOG should take on this role. But I
hope that we are now at a point where we see that network sloppiness
and insecurity are becoming such major issues that action is needed.
Let's act first, and evaluate the usefulness of the work, later.

--Michael Dillon

This is in large part what Aaron is trying to organize. There is
a track on this topic on Monday afternoon. Please see



This is a good topic for nanog-futures and not the main list since it's about the organization.


Already done for some stuff:

You disagree with the content or choices, feel free to join in and help :wink:

(Full disclosure: I'll take partial blame for the Solaris, AIX, and
Linux benchmark documents...)