Best Linux (or BSD) hosted BGP?

I know best subjective, but I'm looking at a project to announce some IP space that's between uses now and see what's there. I'm planing to run a flow logger and ntop on the VM and see what is coming in if anything. I'm looking at the options for BGP out there, and there's quite a few (other than running a VM with a router doing BGP), but most data I've seen is focused on scale and filtering use, or RPKI. My use case is a bit different, and I can't find any best practices for this use case from what I've found.

That said, is there a better solution other than linux/ntop/ipt-netflow?



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I run BIRD on Ubuntu and it works well. Feel free to reach out off list Bryan if you want some examples of a basic config

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Michael Spears

Doesn’t VyOS simply use Quagga?

FRR on Linux with one of the VPS providers that support BGP like Vultr.

Also consider asking CAIDA for access to Telescope -- that's where
they collect packets on unused IP addresses.

Bill Herrin

VyOS uses FRR, but they used to run quagga.

And most bsd(?)/linux package managers has frr in their repository so maybe that could be something to look at?

I think FRR is a fork of Quagga.

pfSense running FRR is a pretty solid BGP router.


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Openbsd project has openbgpd built right in. Simple and security-minded implementation.




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Agreed with Mark, used pfSense running FRR a few months ago without issues.

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I like VyOS or FRR (both in Debian Linux).


Hi, Bryan

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I’ve used a number of Linux routing thingies (BIRD, Quagga, VyOS/Ubiquiti, OpenBGPd, ExBGP), and FRR is (for me at least) by far the friendliest. It’s trivial to spin this up on a cloud VM and start announcing a prefix.

For doing something like Anycast though (where you are mostly just announcing a route on demand), ExaBGP is great.


For those that like FRR:


For those that like FRR:

All 3 of those CVEs look like they were fixed and backported into 8.2 through 8.4 at least 6 months ago.

Tom - you are correct

Of course - who keeps things like BGP Route Servers and FRR up to date -

cough cough

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Lots of replies saying which of BIRD/exabgp/frr/quagga/openbgpd folks prefer, but they're all pretty good. Honestly for such a project they're all just as great, it comes down mostly to what you're used to config-wise. Used to big metal router configuration? You might find BIRD foreign. Used to more functional code stuff? BIRD is pretty great. Others I have less experience with.

As for "something better than cobbling it together", I'd recommend just do that. Install your usual Linux/BSD distro, install one of the BGP daemons, and run a flow logger (eg pmacctd, which can split out flowspec which you can consume with whatever you're comfortable with). Setting up everything short of the actual flowspec inspection should be a half-hour endeavor, maybe three hours if you have to fight with the VM provider to get BGP filters working right :).


No argument there at all. Just felt like there was enough FUD in that link it was worth calling out that specific.

IS-IS in Quagga and FRR are not yet ready for business, is what I would caution.

I don't know if the other options support it or not.