best DHCPv6 server?

Hi All,

I'm wondering, what would you say is the best DHCPv6 server for a large enterprise? We've played with dibbler and the ISC server, and have had some interesting (and annoying) results with the ISC server. At first blush, dibbler appears to work better.



For capacity, speed, features, scalability, extensibility,
configurability, automation, monitoring - Nominum's "DCS" software is
unparalled. Oh, and it has full IPv6 support.

Not to denigrate Dibbler, or ISC's DHCP server, both of which are
excellent, but they do not stand comparison with DCS. It is truly
industrial strength, in world where that phrase is badly over-used.

The flip side - DCS is VERY expensive.

I'm not a shareholder, just a very satisfied user. Happy to answer
questions off-list.

Regards, K.