Bell Canada IP transit - NID required?


Just curious if anyone uses Bell Canada for IP transit in a colo environment and whether or not you were able to obtain a traditional cross-connect without having Bell place a managed CPE device in your cage. I can’t seem to find anyone intelligent enough to tell my any different other than “it’s never been done before” and “we need remote testing capabilities.”


I’m fairly certain I was told if I was in bell Colo they would be passing me Ethernet without a CPE/nid. I’m also pretty sure they said they normally do that where possible in Colo. But I could be wrong.

My last discussions were with wholesale.

I’ve requested many times 1G/10G EI circuits without CPEs and even had Settlement based peering from AS577 delivered on an EVC on a CPE-less ENNI so they definitely be flexible.

This was with Bell wholesale thought. If you deal with retail, your experience may vary…

+1 to using their wholesale platform to accomplish this, either via an account rep or WSS portal.

We used to have a GigE transit port terminated on CO connecting links inside one of their COs long ago. No CPE. They may have changed their policy since then.

Depending on the Colo… It is generally a fiber for everyone.

But Bell being Bell (wink wink) I’m sure they made this extra and for no reason at all.