Beer and Gear surprise

And how exactly would you translate that membership into a voting
eligibility? Anyone on the internet who wants to claim they provide
network services can vote? I'm OK with that definition, but it
will be hard to implement in terms of actually conducting voting
in some rational manner.


We provide network services, we're technically not an ISP, but we invented
the idea - do we count? :wink:

Consensus; if there's objection to anything, don't do it.

It's not like NANOG provides a crucial service that can't possibly be provided
by anyone else. It's a convenience.

Merit does a bang-up job of hosting it, but a hundred other folks reading this
email could do the same job.

In a relatively vendor-neutral way?
I don't want to go to a trade show, which is probably what would happen if
vendors started running the show.

I'd rather go to something where I can chat with network operators
and make our product better. Network operators may like freebies,
but usually have a low tolerance to sales-droid spew.