Beer and Gear surprise


Sponsors were specifically asked _not_ to give out clothing, as the
Cisco boxer shorts distributed at NANOG 20 were somehow deemed
offensive and discriminatory.



At NANOG 20, there was a mad rush from the meeting room before
technical talks were over for the day to get to the Beer and Gear to
suck up all the vendor trinkets. This was perceived as being
astoundingly disrespectful to the people who take the time to put
together a presentation and deliver it.



Intelesting. Perhaps for the next nanog meeting a delay of say,
30 minutes could be introducted between the end of a presentation
and the beer-n-gear session coupled with the beer-n-gear being shut
to prevent trinket rush-hour?

On another nanog side-note, congrats to the people running the
external realmedia feed this meeting. I was watching it from out
here in Amsterdam and the stream was flawless. Besides the
obvious camera refocus, etc. :slight_smile: