BBnow 24.219/16

My cable-modem provider, (AS 8092), is apparently entirely off the air. Even their customer-support number (888 674 8282) changed its main OGM to say that their upstream was having a problem, and they will "not be able to provide Internet service" to their subscribers until Monday. They estimate. They're sorry for the inconvenience.

So I'm wondering: What upstream? What problem? This started long before the jolly happy MS SQL server thing, so I think it's unrelated. Can anyone shed any light on this for me? How does it take until Monday for a not-tiny ISP to fix "the" upstream? Did they not pay their bill?

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If you check their main web site (, they don't mention
about a failure or issues with service, but I did note that they have
disabled the "news" links. Not sure if there's a reason for that or
not ...