BBN Peering issues - FCC Notice of Inquiry on subject

Now's your chance, the FCC just released a Notice of Inquiry, FCC 98-187,
"Inquiry Concerning the Deployment of Advanced Telecommunications
Capabilities..." available in a variety of formats via

Take a look at paragraph 79:

  What can and should the Commission do to preserve efficient
  peering arrangements among Internet companies, especially in the face
  of consolidations of large proprietary gateways? We ask for comment
  whether the Commission should monitor or have authority over
  peering arrangements to assure that the public interest is served.

But be careful, commenting could be akin to opening "Pandora's Box" :wink:


In the past, comments needed to be written and snail-mailed in order to
really be effective. Include a URL in the letter for the HTML version of
your comments so they can post them on their website. Email comments are
not taken seriously. However they do have a new electronic comment filing
system at and if you file a comment,
not just an email, it will probably be considered as seriously as
snail-mail. Note that you do *NOT* need a lawyer to file formal comments,
just fill out the form carefully at and
please send the comments in ASCII text form. Either browse an HTML page
with Lynx and use P to generate plain ASCII or in Word Save File as Type
(MS-DOS Text with Layout).

It is *NOT* necessary to use a lawyer to file a formal comment.

Also note that the FCC staffers are still heard to remark that they get
very little input from the ISP industry and don't really know much about
it or how ISPs view the situation. This means that ISPs have a chance to
be heard without spending the big bucks that US Telephone Association
members are spending. Go for it!!!