BBN (GTE) Suffers another major power problem.

As more and more companies come to rely on the Internet like they rely on
the PSTN, we will be expected to have bomb-resistant networks. (not
bomb-proof, mind you), and we will have to be compensated for this level
of redundancy.

No. People who need an extremely high level of fault taulerance can build it
into their own network without every link in the public network maintaining
that same level. You already have self-healing SONET, at an added cost, I
don't think we'll need to step beyond that for normal commercial usage.

Iraq did not have such a high level of communications infrastructure, yet we
could not block their access to their TCP/IP network nor the Internet.

There is a big difference between the needs and requirements of fault
taulerant uninterupted service and catastrophe/emergency service. The latter
you can get by POTS, radio, sattelite, etc, and combinations there of.
Hell, a big APC and 19" sattelite dish can go along way for emergency

On a side note, remember a number of years ago when they (US) where selling
decommisioned nuclear silo bases (bomb /proof/, 300+ feet underground). That
could make an awesome co-lo facility ;-).