BBN bitten again?

I haven't seen any traffic on in the
month that I've been subscribed, so I don't know if this has
been hashed over already. Perhaps this discussion should be
redirected there, but...

I think it might be useful to have a list that an ISP or other
Net user could check to see if a problem had been _reported_,
or to see the extent of an outage as reported by the users of
the systems in question. I know my helpdesk people would like
to know about unreachable sites before they go having
Joe Luser tear apart his trumpwsk.ini. I realize NANOG is
not the place, but neither is a cacophony like inet-access.

There are only a few vendors using the RA's IPN page...and
outage-discuss is for the discussion of mechanisms to report
such...why not just create a list for the discussion of
outages themselves in the mean time?

In a previous message, Jared Mauch wrote:


and we can form a group that wants to go after vendors.


Some word about BBN would have been worth it to me when answering calls
because when your clients call your tech support area, their impression
is that if they can't reach a particular site on the Internet, no matter
how far removed you are from the path of the packet, they'll assume it's
*your* problem.

Them: "Your connection to the Internet is down"

  Us: "Uhm... it's been up and running for the last week and a half"

Then: "I can't get to Lotus' site in Boston"

  Us: "Ah... our connection to the Internet is NOT down but some other
org you're trying to reach appears to have a problem..."

I would have had a much more intelligent answer to give had I known there
was a blip in BBN's network rather than do my own traceroutes and
speculate about what could have happened.