BBN bitten again?

I would tend to agree.

  I consider this a list where people talk about networking in
north america, to work together to determine what others are doing,
and to get a feel for the technical side of the north american internet

  Things like bbn, agis, iMCI, and S-link outages should go to their
NOCs when you notice them. We can talk about them here, but I would
think (big assumption on my part) that it would be more about "The
router at cambridge did XXX, or is doing YYY, anyone else seen this before?"
or other such issues like "Don't you hate it when your router does ZZZ?",
and we can form a group that wants to go after vendors.

  It makes no sense to report outages here, all the NOCs of isps
do not monitor this list, and it would not make sense for them to either,
becuase currently it has too high of a ratio of unimportant stuff per
important and good knowledge.

  - jared

Randy Bush graced my mailbox with this long sought knowledge: