Bay Networks in bed with commie censors?

Ah, finally. Somebody from Bay.

Do you care about an official statement clarifying the story?

What makes you all think that we were the only people competing for this

I have no way to know that. I know people who refused business
in similar situations.

Do you think that if we did not win that our competitors would not have
trumpeted their accomplishments?

They'd better anticipate the potential for negative publicity?


Hi. I do not want to keep on this long flame
but I'd like to add a few words to it.

1) Our (USSR) experience (Vadim know it well) is _no way exist to prevent
communist goverment from building something_. If some vendor (Bay for
example) refuses to sell it's equipment it mean nothing but some money
for the 3'th companies from the 3'th countries, not any more. If they (China)
want to bue BAY equipment they'll do it, no matter if somebody
boycott somebody or not... If you want to feed 3'th persons - come on and proclaim

2) This means it's not any matter to discuss this subject about Bay or Cisco or some another
vendors. But it do not mean there is not any way to prevent
building censored networks (as China's communists wants). Do you
remember about _address space_ and _nic_?

Let's imagine if NIC's policy deny address space allocations for the
countries providing total censoreship, if they totally restricts free
competition on the Internet market... THis is much seriously in comparation
with this (Bay boicott China, or all of us boicott Bay... everybodu
cry for this poor vendors -:)... etc...). And this may be the issue for
the discussion there )or in the other mail list - this have to be
right subject for _Internet and politic_ mail list, not for
technical mail lists...