Bay Networks in bed with commie censors?

From: Vadim Antonov <>
Look, it is impossible to keep technology from being used by
communist regimes. Like it's impossible to keep knives from hands
of murderers. But what do you say about a person who gives a knife
to a known murderer knowing very well that it is going to be used
to kill yet another victim? And teaches him how to wield it more
efficiently? And gets paid for it?

Americans would call that an "entrepreneur".

Of course, Americans already have military services ready and willing to
do all this without pay, if only the ruling dictator promises to let
American "entrepreneurs" keep buying and selling in their country.

You really have become an American "conservative" (which has nothing to
do with conservation of anything).

I liked Dillon's message. "Create millions of small opportunities for
Chinese people to share information and they will do the rest."

BTW, I've had a couple of Chinese freinds and housemates studying here
how to make better computers, software and hardware, at least one of
whom was teaching at the University in Beijing last time I heard; an SO
that did immersion Chinese and went off and taught English there for a
couple of years; and a freind who was a reporter at the Detroit Free
Press that went and helped the official news agency in Beijing with
translations. None of them thought that they were doing something
immoral by helping the official infrastructure.

But then, over the past 20+ years I've suffered through a Michigan "Red
Squad" and a couple of FBI investigations, so at least someone thinks
I'm just one of those commie pinko liberals myself....
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