Bay Networks in bed with commie censors?

>Fax machines have helped, and anything
>that facilitates the exchange of ideas will only make
>China bend closer to a 'democracy standard'.

This network facilitates more propaganda; not the "exchange
of ideas". A Chineze citizen would have to be a naive idiot, or
a hard-core dissident not minding some time in a jail, to post
anything subversive over a state network.

>If you see
>how China has changed from 10 years ago to now (some form
>of capitalism), you will see that they cannot and will not
>run the country as communism was once run.

Capitalism != freedom of spech. Look at what's going on in Singapore.

Why go that far. Look at what's happening in USA.

Please make a difference between a person eating a burger
and a state agency running the politically censored network.

Hmmm... Nah, too easy.