Bay Networks in bed with commie censors?

:Their "partnership" with censors of a communist regime
:is repugnant. Using the modern technology to build a
:giant brainwashing machine is very scary.

How so ? Communications is actually loosening communism
as it was in China.


Fax machines have helped, and anything
that facilitates the exchange of ideas will only make
China bend closer to a 'democracy standard'.

This network facilitates more propaganda; not the "exchange
of ideas". A Chineze citizen would have to be a naive idiot, or
a hard-core dissident not minding some time in a jail, to post
anything subversive over a state network.

If you see
how China has changed from 10 years ago to now (some form
of capitalism), you will see that they cannot and will not
run the country as communism was once run.

Capitalism != freedom of spech. Look at what's going on in Singapore.

I don't think this has anything to do with
commercialism. Are you implying that Cisco and/or
other US firms would turn this deal down (and or not
pursue it?).

They didn't do anything like that, ok?

Should we also boycott Coke, McDonalds, KFC, McDonald
Douglas, etc ? Since they all profit from the people
of a 'communist' country that does not endorse the
same personal freedoms that we do.

They do not profit by creating means for state brainwashing
and censorship. The trade and communications with _people_
of communist countries is unquestionable good. Helping the
communist state to spread their propaganda is amoral.

Please make a difference between a person eating a burger
and a state agency running the politically censored network.