Bay Networks in bed with commie censors?

So if a bunch of Commies came over to your office with a dump truck
full of money and said, "So comrade, we need IP networks that are the
fastest they can possibly be. If we dump this in your lobby will you
help us?"

I'd tell them to get a hike. Did that many times, actually,
and not in safety of an American office.

You'd say no? What if they just bought a bunch of Cisco routers on
the open market without any special deal? Should Cisco turn that
money away?

Look, it is impossible to keep technology from being used by
communist regimes. Like it's impossible to keep knives from hands
of murderers. But what do you say about a person who gives a knife
to a known murderer knowing very well that it is going to be used
to kill yet another victim? And teaches him how to wield it more
efficiently? And gets paid for it?