Bay Networks in bed with commie censors?

Ok, it looks like Bay Networks made a sweet deal with
Chinese commies. Essentially, they will provide
technology for the state propaganda network and
censored Internet.

Personally, I think Bay does make for more easily-modified access control;
with Cisco, removing one IP from an Access List From Hell is usually too
much task to be worth it.

And if I could have undersold Bay by a percent, I'd be doing the Taipei
Tango whilst plugging away on a 7513.

Their "partnership" with censors of a communist regime
is repugnant. Using the modern technology to build a
giant brainwashing machine is very scary.

Actually, few brainwashing schemes could beat what Madison Avenue churns
out. When you can get the American public thinking that a certain type of
shoes or jeans will make you socially acceptable, you've got the Chinese
beat pretty bad. Mao Tse Tung ain't got nothing on the Marlboro Cowboy.

Some companies will do anything for a buck, though.

The corporation exists maximize shareholder value; the good press from the
sale (and the sale itself) obviously outweighs the risk of bad press.

How about boycotting their products in U.S. and other
democratic countries?

I dunno; suppose I boycott every company that sells to some organization
that I find repugnant? Pretty soon, I won't be able to find a car to drive,
a grocery store to shop in, or a telephone to talk on.