Barracuda largely down

I’m a Barracuda customer, and they’ve been essentially down all morning and into this afternoon. Here’s their explanation and a followup, neither of which are accurate. I say that because:

1. The problem manifests itself by mail being blocked under the guise of “Cloudscan Service Unavailable.”
2. My company’s account has never, ever used Cloudscan. It has always been disabled at Barracuda.
3. Their own instructions, posted below, say that to bypass the problems you can disable Cloudscan.
4. They also state that as of 12:44 p.m. CDT, they’ve un-done whatever caused the problem.
5. As of 1:18 p.m. CDT, virtually all mail is still being blocked.

Here’s what they say. Anyone here know anyone at Barracuda with a clue?

The Email Security Service at is currently experiencing a degraded service in it's cloud scan functionality. From 9/17/2015 06:00 am

Please note however that your mail is not being blocked. It is being deferred because we were unable to scan the mail.

This means that the sending servers will retry the mail until delivered.

You can however bypass the cloud scan service from your Email Security Service admin page by clicking on "Inbound settings / Anti-spam AntiVirus" and then set "Enable Cloudscan" to NO.

We will update in here when the CloudScan service is back working correctly.

Thank you for your patience

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Posted Today, 01:44 PM
Barracdua networks has rolled back the change that resulted in mail being deferred for "cloudscan service unavailable"

If you did turn off the cloudscan service it can be turned back on at this time.

Note that if you turned off the cloudscan service then mail was still filtered for viruses, BRTS, INTENT, etc..

Thank you