bandwidth providers and pricing in China

Looking for anyone who has experience deploying a network in China. I'm getting 1500RMB/Mbps with a 10Mbps commit that I'm already bumping up against.

Moving to 20Mbps is going to drop me to 1200RMB/Mbps or about $3400 USD a month which seems excessive compared to my US pricing (or even what I'm seeing in Amsterdam).

Are these prices what others see? Where can I get better pricing?

It's been a year or so since I did anything in China, but that sounds like
about right. Political factors in China are a major factor in pricing, but
there's also the fact that across most of SE Asia and Oceania transit is
expensive. The central control of most/all network infrastructure over
there adds a lot of cost and inefficiency, and (although it's not a pleasant
sentiment) I'm pretty sure there's an element of "fleece the foreigner" in
the pricing. I'm told (very unofficially) that wholly-Chinese owned
companies can get significant bandwidth discounts, but I don't have any
numbers there.

If you're deploying in China without significant experience there I'm
assuming you're doing it to capture the local market rather than to serve an
international audience, so you could try explaining that your traffic is all
country-internal (won't hit the really expensive international links) to get
a discount. It didn't work for us, but you might have better luck. <grin>

- Matt

China is a very big country. Mainland really
only has facilities in the major cities and
even then it is spotty. It has been several
years since I had to do anything about pricing
out there, but based on that pricing that looks
to be what I was looking at for Beijing and
Shanghai. Hong Kong (as I said in other
message) is the exception to all this.