Backhoe news report (not operations related, maybe)

Sorry, you can't configure your Cisco router with this, but it was
too good to pass up.

El Rito, NM -- The Taos News reports the Northern New Mexico Community
College is offering a new course on operating backhoes. Prospective
backhoe operators drove 800 miles to attend the class. The class
includes one week with students practicing on three John Deer backhoes
on projects near the school. Additional classes offered by NNMCC
include global positioning systems, welding, computer applications
and first aid. No word if NNMCC will be offering classes in fiber
optic cable splicing.

Backhoe operators trained in GPS, welding, and first aid. No fiber in
the land will be able to hide from these trained backhoe warriors :slight_smile:

With NM being my home and being a member of the Internet
Community, I will make sure that they add Fiber Splicing
to the curriculum :slight_smile: I have it on good source that they will
be putting some "test" fiber in the ground to verify the
accuracy of the GPS systems. :slight_smile:

Ditto for commercial chain saw operators. That work inside buildings. We
have had contractors use chain saws to demolish internal walls during
remodelling and cutting fiber plus other things. JSS.